Cipango – French journal of Japanese Studies

cipango French journal of Japanese Studies

Publié le lundi 2 mai 2016

Disciplines : Arts, Histoire, Pluridisciplinarité, Études régionales

Thèmes : Anthropologie culturelle, Linguistique, Littératures, Histoire de l’Art, Japon

Périodicité : annuelle

Année de création : 2012

ISSN format électronique : 2268-1744

Langue de publication :Anglais

Cipango – French Journal of Japanese Studies. English Selection is an online journal based on the French journal of Japanese Studies Cipango. Published by the Centre for Japanese Studies of the French National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilisations (INALCO, Paris), starting in 2012, it offers a thematic selection of the best articles released in its French counterpart. Whenever possible, papers have been checked, updated and adapted by the authors for an English readership. Therefore it is not merely a translation of the French Cipango, but an original editorial project that aims to provide the international research community with new resources and analyses on Japan.

Cipango – French Journal of Japanese Studies
Institut National des Civilisations et Langues Orientales (Inalco)
2 rue de Lille
75343 PARIS Cedex 07

cipango french journal of japanese studies

3 | 2014

On The Tale of Genji: Narrative, Poetics, Historical Context

2 | 2013

Language and Literature

1 | 2012

The Invention of “Folk Crafts”: Yanagi Sōetsu and Mingei


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